Michael Dyck, BAccS, CGA
Vice President of Finance

Michael Dyck

Michael Dyck joined TNI in 2004 as a Certified General Accountant, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and experience. During his tenure, he has made a major impact on the company. His inherent strong work ethic and keen business acumen quickly propelled him to the role of Director of Finance, and shortly after, in 2009, was named one of TNI's Corporate Partners. For the past 11 years, Michael has been the cornerstone of the Finance department. He also oversees the Data Processing department and Effective Printing, and plays a vital role in business and financial planning initiatives alongside President, Steve Allison. As Vice President of Finance, Michael ensures the steady and collaborative growth of TNI and related companies continues, and plays a key role in new business ventures. When not helping to manage TNI's growth, he lives an active lifestyle and enjoys spending time with his wife and children.

Email Address: mdyck@TNInetwork.com.