Donor Testimonials

Below is some recent feedback we received about our representatives from members of the public. You can click below to see even more great feedback for the respective client.

Red Cross Hi, I’m sending this note to let you know about the fantastic job that two of your door to door canvassers are doing. We live in Pierrefonds, Quebec, and we were visited earlier this week by Scott and Eileen (not sure of their last names). As Eileen was new on the job, Scott did most of the talking and I have to tell you... this young man is very passionate, compassionate, enthusiastic and overall a good spokesperson for the Canadian Red Cross. He impressed us greatly – he was very informative and yet not aggressive or overbearing. He is obviously very motivated by this cause and believes greatly in it. His energy and enthusiasm come through very clearly. He made us think about the fact that there are people right in our own neighborhoods who need help. When we think of charity, often it’s the third world that comes to mind, or places hit by disasters or war. We don’t often think locally – in fact, when we look around our own neighborhoods, we don’t see people who need our help, we see the people that we think are better off than ourselves. So, it was a different perspective that Scott brought to us this week – he made us realize that there are people in our midst who need our support. While my husband and I have not had the chance to discuss our plans for helping the Red Cross and have not come to a decision on it. I did want to send you this letter commendation to tell you how much we appreciated Scotts visit and to let you know that we feel he is doing a fantastic job spreading the word about your mission to help locally. Great job Scott!!!

Thank you. Rita.

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Plan Canada I would like to thank Greg (Stewart) and the company that works with him! It takes a lot of hard work, effort and dedication for what he does. Its people like me that would like to help out but don’t know how. With him coming to my door that evening, it was a great start to helping a child and or their family. He told me right away that he was not trying to sell anything. He showed me his ID tag. He talked about the program. He knew all the facts and answered all my questions. He showed me a few of the children that needed help. He helped me figure out where I wanted to help out. I chose to help where the need was greater. He explained too about when I start donating, and how we can communicate back and forth. So, thank you Greg for coming over and giving me and my family the opportunity to help out another child. We all know how hard it must be to live in 3rd world countries. And we forget how well we do have it here.

Thank you! Melissa

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Sick Kids Foundation Yesterday I signed up two of my businesses on the Monthly Giving Program. I actually wanted to contact SickKids Hospital to talk about donations, so it was nothing less than the world’s biggest coincidence that a canvasser walked into my store yesterday. Tarra and I had a great meeting. We both shared with each other our own personal experiences at the Hospital. My son at less than one year old needed surgery on his head. He was a patient at SickKids Hospital. The care and attention he received and the support we, his parents received will never be forgotten. He had a full recovery and we just celebrated his second birthday. I know we are part of the “lucky ones” at the hospital, as our son came home and is in perfect health. I was so happy to sign up my companies. Tarra made that experience a great one with her charm, knowledge and efficiency. She is a true believer in what your Hospital does and what it can do moving forward.

Just wanted to share my thoughts. Michael.

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World Vision I just became a sponsor to a child not only because of the obvious real need for benevolent humanitarianism, but also because your representative, Andrews Asiamah, was very kind, reassuring and knowledgeable. He took the time to explain the processes your organization utilizes and the breakdown of where my donation goes, as well, he answered all of my questions. His passion for his work, in my opinion, separated him (and your organization) from the multitude of other canvassers. Please thank Andrews for being so studious, knowledgeable and for actually caring about what he is doing. His personal investment in his role within your organization makes a huge difference.

Thanks, Mike.

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