SickKids Foundation - Donor Testimonials

Please note all compliments shown are exactly as they were received for the sake of authenticity.
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Jul 2016

I just wanted to say how impressed I was with your SickKids Miracle Canvasser Reagan. She was extremely personable and I could tell her enthusiasm and dedication towards this cause was reflected in her approach. I am very skeptical of door-to-door canvassers and usually just say no. However, Reagan presented her facts clearly, which indicated her knowledge of the program. I commend her for her efforts, considering the day she knocked on our door was 32°C with high humidity. Well done Reagan!

Brian / Lindsay, ON

Jun 2016

To Whom it may concern,

I was just visited by two very lovely representatives of yours re: the Miracle Club SickKids in general, and it was the best experience I’ve ever had with a door-to-door visit. I won’t lie, when I come to the door and someone’s there with a folder/tablet and an ID tag I get skeptical and hesitant to engage at all, but Merika came across immediately as very sincere, very personable and knowing that it was a SickKids initiative really hit home for me as one of my paint balling friends, Brady, has been in and out of the hospital, with a LOT of help from SickKids for most of his life, and he had to miss a major event last weekend due to revoked medical clearance. Merika and Siobahn (who came along shortly after presumably finishing up with the previous house on the court) were both very sociable, explained the procedure and the donation system very clearly and did not come across as pushy in any way which was very refreshing. The experience was an enjoyable one from start to finish (even the phone agent, Cameron, was very polite and pleasant to deal with) and left me feeling very good about my donation plan agreement. This one’s for all the parents and patients, in honour of Brady! Thanks, SickKids. Keep up the great work (and give these two young ladies a pat on the back, because I’m not someone who opens up easily to door-to-door visits).

Warmest regards, Joshua T / Belleville, ON

May 2016

What a pleasure to open our door tonight to Beth. We are a family who has been blessed with amazing treatment for our child at SickKids for the last 11 years. We were so pleased to have an opportunity to give back! Beth did such a great job of explaining the program to us and answering all of our questions. She was personable and a real delight! She was patient and being parents of 3 kids who were also trying to catch our attention at the time we really appreciated that. Thanks so much for sending Beth to give us the amazing opportunity to give back to a hospital who has given so much to us. How do you say thank you to the people and the place that gave your child the ability to walk?! We hope this is a small start.

With the most sincere thanks, Chris & Kelly / Port Hope, ON

Apr 2016

I just wanted to send an email to let you know that Clairmonte was very professional and a pleasure to speak with. I believe that he is probably one of the best door to door sales people that I have had the pleasure of meeting. I hope this email finds someone to ensure that he gets this compliment! Thank you Clairemonte! And good luck with collecting more donations!

Thanks again, Preston M. / Bradford, ON

Mar 2016

Hi, I just had the pleasure of meeting two of your canvassers this evening. I am normally a little skeptical of door to door canvassing. There are certain charities who do take the time to ensure that their canvassers have sufficient identification and representation to gain trust. I feel that SickKids has done an incredible job with this! I like that you have a system set up on an iPad and that you then have a verification call to confirm that people understand what they are signing up for. Both Devon and his partner presented in a manner that was friendly and engaging. It was evident that these young people were legitimate canvassers for a very worthy cause. It was nice to see how knowledgeable they were about how donation funds are distributed and the work that SickKids does. Hoping this fundraising campaign is a success for SickKids - you have two great people on your team!
Angie / Bradford, ON

Feb 2016

Good Evening. Tonight I had the pleasure of meeting two very friendly individuals who introduced themselves as Sean and Joe. Tonight was absolutely horrible weather wise but that did not stop these two men from hitting the pavement in an effort to raise money for SickKids. I would like to express my thoughts and feelings towards these two individuals as I feel that it’s important to give recognition to people that truly are passionate about their job and want to make an impact in this world. I’ve listed just a few of the amazing traits these two men exhibited during their visit into my home: Here it goes! Both Sean and Joe were: very polite, respectful, I liked the fact they complimented my dog on his sweater they were very confident in why they were here, very charismatic, articulate, ridiculously good looking, charming, passionate about their job and wanting to help sick children, well dressed, professional, insightful, did I mention they complimented my dog? I’ll mention that again as my dog is super special to me and they had nothing but great things to say about my dog, pleasant disposition, Up to date on SickKids and their latest story in the news regarding people wanting to change the hospital name, great people skills, I liked that they were knowledgeable in their job but not pushy to get a donation, amazing sense of humour, together they made a great team (I would recommend keeping them working together as they have great chemistry) smelt good (personal hygiene is important to me in sales). They didn’t comment on my house smelling like cats, they had ipads and knew how to work them, made me feel comfortable when exchanging personal information which is a great feeling knowing I’m not going to be robbed, appeared to be in good health, great smiles, I liked that the one also had a dog, explained the donation process in great detail and also what my donations would help provide to SickKids, both looked adorable with their stuffed toys attached to them, very outgoing and demonstrated tremendous initiatives, both should be promoted as they would be a huge asset to any company and especially one such as SickKids. There are some things money can’t buy and a caring attitude is one of them. I could tell both men cared a great deal on helping make the lives of sick children and their families better during such difficult times. I rarely give donations when I’m approached at home but this time was different. These two were able to break the ice and reach me at a personal level, overall great visit I hope this email provides the feedback these two individuals deserve. I think it’s very important to provide recognition on a job well done. I was very happy with the information provided and knowing that my monthly donation will have a positive impact on families going through such difficult times. I can’t think of anything worse than having a sick child. It takes a team of talented individuals to help get the word out that every donation big or small really does help these families.

Sincerely, Sandra / Bowmanville, ON

Jan 2016

I was just visited by this nice young lady who was canvassing for SickKids Hospital. What a wonderful polite and sweet young women. We have checked out SickKids website and have verified that you are in our area. My husband and I would love to contribute to your campaign. On behalf of all the families who benefit from your service thank you. If you could send her back we will sign up.

Sudbury, ON

Dec 2015

Hello. I have been meaning to send this email for some time, but the holidays seem to have thrown my plans off track. The purpose of my email is to provide feedback for canvasser Reagan. First off, let me say that she’s very pleasant to speak with. Reagan has an engaging personality that is very disarming. When she first approached our home, I was busy trying to get dinner together for my family. I asked her to come back a little later. She advised that she would be able to come back around 8:30 in the evening. True to her word and in rainy weather, she returned to provide information about the SickKids program. While I was a little leery at first, she was very clear about the program and put my concerns to rest. Reagan made sure to provide as much detail to as without being pushy or assertive. Just extremely friendly, informative and personable. Reagan did a great job, and I am very proud now to be supporting SickKids on a monthly basis, thanks to Reagan.

Thank you very much for your time. Randy

Nov 2015

Hello, I would like to share with you my recent experience with your canvassers Cameron and Joe representing the SickKids Foundation. Earlier this evening, I answered the door to find two very polite young men asking for support for a very worthwhile cause that is near and dear to my heart. SickKids has played an important part in the healthy recovery of three very close members of my family. Without the help of wonderful recruiters like Cameron and Joe, I know that much of the good work and services provided by SickKids could not happen. Both of them were very well spoken, respectful and kind. They explained the process for donating and how my donation would help young children experience a more comfortable hospital experience. It will sound strange that with all of this said, that I did not donate. I have personal reasons that I prefer not to share but even after stating that I would not be donating, Cameron and Joe still  maintained a lovely conversation with me and continued to be well-mannered and a pleasure to have at my door. The purpose of my email is to simply state that you have done well to hire such fine young men with great communication skills and the power to persuade. What they persuaded me about tonight was that young men who knock at your door on dark, cold evenings do not need to be feared and left to stand in the doorway while you pretend not to be home. Instead, a door can be opened and a friendly conversation can ensue. On a different day, I may have donated but today I chose not to. I know that Cameron and Joe will continue to knock on doors, smile and share the wonderful message that is SickKids. Your donations will be rolling in shortly.

Thank-you, Carol

Oct 2015

I had 2 canvassers for Sick Kids Foundation come to my door today and I would like to provide you with some feedback on the experience. The 2 young men were Ken and Clairmonte. I usually don’t answer the door, or only answer to get rid of solicitors, however Ken and Clairmonte had such a friendly and positive way with them that I found that I did not want to shut the door and was actually interested in what they had to say. I was very impressed with their knowledge, professional demeanor, and especially the fact that they both cared so much about what they do. It isn’t easy to go door to door and they must encounter a lot of rejection, some not so polite I’m sure. These 2 young men are great ambassadors for Sick Kids. I don’t typically give feedback, however today I was impressed but more than that I was moved and wanted to put in a good word for 2 young men who initially were not welcome to disturb my dinner hour and take time out of my day.

Sep 2015

Hi, I wanted to leave some feedback about a canvasser who came by on behalf of SickKids today. Her name is Vibha. I just wanted to mention that she was very polite and kind while informing me about an upcoming SickKids donation campaign. Though I was unable to commit to a donation at the time she didn't become pushy or aggressive; she remained polite and empathized with my situation. She gently reiterated that even small donations would help out, left me a bookmark with information about SickKids so I could donate in the future if I am able, and thanked me for my time. I am leaving this feedback because Vibha stood out from other canvassers I've interacted with over the years. Some have been aggressive or condescending when pursuing donations, so Vibha's positive attitude was a welcome change and would have secured a donation had I the money to do so. If I do have the money to donate to charities in the future, I will certainly keep SickKids in mind due to Vibha's visit.

Aug 2015

I wish to pass along my praise for Merika and Siobahn who cameto my door one late afternoon on a very hot day. Both of theseyoung ladies possessed such a caring attitude and professionalmanner about them. Their knowledge of SickKids programs andhow the funding goes to support them was quite thorough. Iwas very impressed by their presentation, and felt that SickKidscouldn’t have chosen better people to represent them!

Sincerely, Diana

Jul 2015

I would like to pass along some positive feedback for one of your canvassers, William, who came to my door this evening. He was funny and disarming, and did not make me feel guilty for not having money available for donations! Having canvassed for United Way and Heart and Stroke in the past, I know how difficult it can be to discuss money with perfect strangers, let alone develop a rapport on their front doorstep! It was immediately clear to me how passionate William is about SickKids, and you should consider him an absolute asset to your organization!
Warmest regards, Heather.

Jun 2015

I would like to send you a note to let you know how impressed my husband and I were with Everton Dixon when he visited our home this evening to talk to us about Sick Kids Hospital. He gave us important information, offered to have us sign up with a donation plan if we wanted, and most importantly he was not pushy which was so refreshing, but extremely friendly, personable, kind and respectful. Also, you could tell he really cared about the kids at the hospital. We commend your organization for having such a fine, young man to represent you. He is doing a phenomenal job getting your cause into our community of Barrie and it was a pleasure meeting him. Please give our kindest regards to Everton, and let him know we feel he is doing an awesome job!
Sincerely, Michael

May 2015

I just wanted to drop you a quick message as Reagan Cole had stopped by my home tonight. Her smile was lovely and her personality was even stronger. I was impressed with her and you should be as well. I usually don’t go to my door unless I know who it is but I was glad I did. Her customer relations skill are fabulous as well a very polite young lady. She is an asset to your company and I give credit due when it is deserved. Thank you for stopping by and I will keep your bookmark when the time comes that I can help out.
Sincerely, Jen R

Apr 2015

This evening following dinner I had the pleasure of meeting Levi and Kesna, Door-to-Door Representatives, for the Sick Kids Foundation. Typically, I dread answering the door to “solicitors”; however, after speaking with these Reps and hearing about the great cause, I’m quite pleased that I had the chance to meet them and subsequently sign-up for the Sick Kids Foundation Miracle Club. Both Levi and Kesna were extremely friendly, genuinely passionate about their cause and quite knowledgeable regarding the program. I’m very excited about being a brand new member of the Sick Kids Foundation and I plan on being a long-time donor.
Thank you again Levi and Kesna!

Mar 2015

I had the pleasure of meeting Dane and Maggie tonight as they came around helping out SickKids. As someone who has a lot of experience with the hospital I take anyone representing them very seriously. They were both friendly and professional and their passion for the hospital was clearly evident. I feel great knowing that such wonderful young individuals are out there, working for this cause. Just wanted to say thank you to them for all their hard work. I’m already a member of the miracle club, but was wonderful to hear first-hand where my money is going. Thanks again Dane and Maggie keep up the amazing work.


Feb 2015

I have to say if it wasn’t for Cody’s caring about what he does I would not have donated. When you see someone knack in at your door at night in minus degree weather shows the passion he has. He wasn’t pushy and in your face. It felt like I knew him forever. Made me feel comfortable donating to such a worthy cause. I told him I would think about it and let him go. I few minutes later I found myself chasing him down the street screaming come back! He is passionate and that shows me if someone cares that much it’s worth every cent to help a child hold the turtle! Please give him my thanks for showing me the true meaning to life and if I could I’d give him a hot chocolate.

Jan 2015

Dear Sick Kids Foundation,

I was making dinner and then I heard a ring at the doorbell. I answered the door since I was the only one home at the time. I am really thankful that I did. Calum was my canvassed and he is a very caring person. He was truly friendly and really interactive. He is very welcoming and trustworthy. I am very happy to have him politely come to my door and it was really amazing for him to be so kind and patient as he guided me through the steps. He was respectful and professional in encouraging me to sign up and donate to Sick Kids and I am very happy I did. For me it is an almost perfect feeling to give and for my first personal monthly contribution to a charity and since I know firsthand the impact Sick Kids has in Toronto, I am very happy I have chose to give. Everyone there does world class work and are amazing ‘Super Heroes’ A++ to Calum and also I have to thank Jessica for her time on the other line in the telecall centre!

Thank you and have a great night, Sloan

Dec 2014

To whom it may Concern,

This email is to provide praise for the canvasser, Cody deVries, who assisted me with donating to this wonderful campaign. As my schedule has been beyond hectic over the last few months, I wanted to help but honestly explained to Cody I had a ton of work to complete that evening. I very much appreciated Cody’s ability to expedite the process in a professional yet thorough fashion. In the end, I feel great about being able to help kids and was still able to get my work done. Bravo Cody! And for the campaign, I absolutely love the idea of the turtle. Keep doing what you’re doing - making a difference in the lives of not only the children that need help, but the parents who need support during the unimaginable stress of a sick child.

Warm Regards, Christine

Nov 2014

Good evening:

I have the pleasure of meeting two of your door to door canvassers, Paul and Adam this evening. My husband I have donated to Sick Kids through the years through friends of ours, who’s child was diagnosed with cancer a couple of years ago. While we were not able to financially commit to a monthly sponsorship plan at this time, your canvassers were wonderful young men, who were very passionate about their jobs. Congratulations on hiring such awesome young people, who are out doing a difficult job and were so kind and compassionate! Kudos to them and to your wonderful organization!


Oct 2014

I just met Caelum and would like to leave some feedback regarding our interaction. Caelum was genuinely friendly and outgoing and was refreshingly non-aggressive in his nature to have people join the SickKids giving program. He immediately recognized that my son is severely autistic and was compassionate regarding my situation. My son has been in the care of SickKids’ dental clinic and it is with pleasure that I join the giving program.


Sep 2014

 I wanted to let you know that Ali was a terrific canvasser. She was very friendly, knowledgeable and kind. She was training Beth, who was also very good and pleasant. I don’t normally sign up for anything through canvassers but the combination of their sweet personalities and a good cause, like Sick Kids (where my children have been cared for many times), made me want to donate on a monthly basis.

Best regards, Nadia

Aug 2014

Hi, I just wanted to say that Matt was in the Oshawa area yesterday and came by today. I wqas very impressed with his professionalism and kindness. I was not able to get my information to him when he first came, however, he advised me how to get my banking information from my on-line banking site. He said he would come back and made sure it was okay with me that he came back at that time and he did! Many people don’t bother to come back which is inconvenient for me as I do get my information ready for them. It frustrates me when I am ready and no one shows up! Matt was awesome and he came back at the agreed time and I was able to set up my monthly donation! Matt was friendly, helpful and very professional. Today, one cannot be too careful when answering the door as there is a potential for violence and scams. Matt kept his distance and showed me his credentials so I was more comfortable knowing that that he was legitimate and not a scammer!

Keep up the good work! Christina

Jul 2014

I wish to share my thoughts regarding my interaction with canvasser Cody. Yesterday (July 15th, 2014) my doorbell rang and I was greeted by the friendly Cody. Immediately I knew this wasn’t going to be the typical dry pitch that I usually receive from other canvassers. He quickly hooked me with his upbeat explanation of why he was there and he did a great job of outlining the goals and needs of SickKids. He was knowledgeable and personable, injecting humour throughout our entire interaction. Any question I had about the donation process he quickly answered. It was by far the best interaction I’ve had with any door-to-door canvasser. If it wasn’t for Cody’s positive attitude and knowledge I would have been much more hesitant to donate. Cody’s passion for the cause and his professional manner should be used as a model for other canvassers.

 Regards, Gordon

Jun 2014

 Today I was approached at home by one of your canvassers named Michael. I just wanted to comment on the very informative discussion was had in regards to SickKids Foundation and donating to the cause. While I was unable to donate at the time I must say that the time I spent taking to him was very pleasant he was very knowledgeable about the foundation and what I was being asked to donate to. He never once was pushy or “in my face” like some canvassers can be. He was very polite well-mannered personable and understanding. He was able to answer all questions I had in regards to what the program was about. Having someone like him come out to speak with me speaks a lot about the class of people that do what he does as well as the class and character of SickKids Foundation and the people they hire to put the word out. If I were to rate him I would have to say he is excellent at what he does and should keep up the very good work. Thanks for your time and have a great day.

May 2014

The reputation of SickKids is pure gold. I was immediately concerned that the young lady at my door was trying to scam me. After all, SickKids is in Toronto, and in our area, we never get Toronto specific charities. As I explained to the two, (we were joined by Olivia S, the “GTA” only knows the “GTA”, not us in rural Ontario. Then, I must admit, I peppered your representatives with many questions - trying to prove to myself of the validity of their canvass. They answered all, especially Olivia, who worked hard and earnestly to convince me.

 It was the determination of both that finally won me over. Their extensive use of technology to sign me up was the final proof. Scammers would not have created such a sophisticated infrastructure to verify with me payment etc.

 So in closing - you have two excellent representatives. They dealt with my skepticism head on with facts and more facts. Pravina, and especially Olivia, were well prepared, never condescending and very professional. I commend them both. They made supporting SickKids fun.

Regards, Rick

Apr 2014

I just would like to comment on one of you door-to-door canvassers, who recently visited my neighbourhood. Her name was Annie and she was the most wonderful person that I have met in a long while. She was so pleasant and happy and I thoroughly enjoyed her visit. You should consider yourselves very fortunate to have such an amazing young woman working with you. It is only because of her that I felt compelled to donate to the Sick Kids Foundation.

Thank You!


Mar 2014

Alexandra Astins-Cecutti came by my home tonight to promote the SickKids Foundation and secure monies for this wonderful Foundation. My co-workers and I are already supporters of this foundation through our workplace and as such I will not be adding my personal information/donations to this program (the anonymous benefit of joining as a workplace). However, I do want to express my extreme satisfaction with Ali, who is unlike any other person who has come to canvass for foundations at my home. She showed genuine interest with the cause of this foundation and was very interested in not just the selling features of supporting this foundation but also how this foundation supports the children within my immediate neighborhood, and at large, the entire city community. Further, even after she understood that I was already a supporter, she did not walk away discouraged but was genuinely interested in how my wife and I already supported this foundation.

Personally, this showed me that she was not just out to meet numbers and further herself but to help the children. My family and I have always been big supporters of the foundations like these in this province, depending on the city we have lived in, and having Ali come to our door only cemented our beliefs in supporting these foundations. More people who canvass for foundations need to be like Ali. She shows that in our current society, there still is hope for our future generation of this society to assist each other, as Ali has maintained my family’s hope in these community foundations that support our youth. I will always keep my door open to someone like Ali.

Thank you for your time.

Feb 2014

To whom it may concern:

Today, we had two young ladies come to our door regarding the SickKids Foundation and tell us about the Miracle Club program. We were very impressed with their knowledge of the program. They fully explained the Miracle Club and all the good things that are done to help sick children. Our daughter actually had to go to SickKids when she was younger. Thankfully it was not a serious issue. I asked the girls to return later that night, so that my husband and I could discuss what they had explained to us and if we could make a monthly commitment. They were more than willing to return. They called to confirm and set a time. I did some research and made a few calls to verify everything that they had explained. These two girls presented themselves and your organization very well. I commend them for working door to door, as it is hard in today’s environment to do this kind of work. The fact that they are willing to work in this environment says volumes about them and their work ethics and ambition.

Jan 2014

Hi SickKids Foundation,

I just wanted to take a quick moment and send some positive feedback for Matt who was working in the Port Elgin, ON area on January 16, 2014. He was enthusiastic and dedicated in his door-to-door work. It’s cold here and our town is mid-clean up from a huge winter storm last week (3+ feet of snow in 48hrs), but Matt (bundled up in his boots and snow pants) was cheerful despite the elements. He explained the donation process very well and I’m sure if I had said no he would have been just as gracious; however, after hearing what he was canvassing for I couldn’t say no. You have excellent people representing you on the street - they are professional, happy and very passionate about SickKids - the best ambassadors you could ask for!

I wish you all the very best in your fundraising activities - I can hardly think of a better cause.



Dec 2013

We had Matt at our door this evening. He was great! Very professional and personable. He made us feel really good about donating and spoke with our kids who were Sick Kids patients. He even pet our dogs! He is fantastic! My daughter showed him her Sick Kids Bear that she had received four years ago. It still means to much to her even at the age of 17! Matt was so positive with her. Thanks for hiring people like Matt to help our kids feel better at Sick Kids! You have no idea how much it means to parents who have lived there and to our children who find comfort in little things like snuggly bears and turtles!

Thanks again,

Connie and James

Nov 2013

Good day,

On a cold chilly evening my door bell rang. Who might this be, I asked myself as I was not expecting any visitors. I opened the door and got introduced by an individual that introduced himself and let me know that he is currently going door to door on behalf of SickKids Miracle Club Monthly Giving Program in the Richmond Hill area. It did not take too long and I invited him to step inside our home. Letting you know that I have had a very pleasant experience with Mikhail. His passion and enthusiasm towards the cause is bar none. I understand sales and fundraising very well and the job was exceptional. Wishing SickKids continued fundraising success and my thanks to Mikhail.

Best personal regards,


Oct 2013

To Whom It May Concern,

A couple of days ago, I was cooking dinner and I had a knock at the door. I had my daughter answer the door as my hands were covered in breaded chicken cutlets. This was the day our family met Justin Cruz. He was so personable and charismatic that he had all of us laughing. His opening line extremely creative, and he was straight to the point and the information was clear, and he took the time to actually care about what he was speaking about. It was refreshing to meet someone who not only was confident and friendly, but he also cared about what he was canvassing for. Unfortunately, we as a family have been stretched thin with our finances and have no more expendable income. He was understanding and wasn’t pushy about it. I truly believe that canvassers should be more like him. It is nice to see that he truly has a goal and wants to make a difference in the world.

Sincerely, Monique

Sep 2013

Hi, I’m Teresa.

I’m a mother of a 20 month old daughter with epilepsy, cp and right eye coloboma. The right side of her brain is underdeveloped and a bit damaged and wasn’t born with her corpus collosum. Her name is Hollie and we spent the last 20 months in and out of the children’s hospital in London, ON.

Thursday, September 12th, 2013, in Tillsonburg about 7:15pm, I got a knock on my door and there stood Jake and Cody. These two helped me become a part of the SickKids Miracle Club and listened to my story. It made my day as not many want to hear the story of a hospital mom. They were very nice to me and lifted my spirits and wished my daughter well on her journey to beating epilepsy. Now I’m a member and get to do my part, thank you Jake and Cody for getting me set up as a member.


Aug 2013

I must apologize that we cannot handle another donation at this time but I must report that the young man who came to our door (John, if I remember correctly) was a very nice and polite young man. He was very knowledgeable about SickKids and this door to door program. He did a wonderful job and I felt so bad that I could not support John and SickKids, so he did not fail in his job it is just not something we cannot handle at this time. The young man is very, very good at his job.

Thank you,


Jul 2013


Last week I was visited by Natasha Robson and Amanda Stephens and ended up signing up for the SickKids program. I just wanted to pass along my compliments about these two, they were very friendly and knew all about the program. They were passionate about the program they were trying to make people aware of. It’s refreshing to have people care about what they are essentially trying to sell. We actually talked for a while and I didn’t at any time feel like they were pushing anything on me at all, which is not usually how door to door things go. They were super friendly and I felt like I was talking to someone I’d known for years. Just thought I’d pass along the good feedback for these two. They were fantastic!!

Thanks Natasha and Amanda!


Jun 2013


These two young men came to my door last night as part of their canvassing mission on behalf of SickKids Hospital. Close friends recently lost their 3 ½ year granddaughter Stella to DPIG and I was more than happy to become part of the monthly donation program based on that, but these 2 young men were so much fun I would have contributed just because of them. You have a good team going there, keep up the good work!


May 2013


I just had Morene and her trainee come to my door for the SickKids ongoing donation program and the smiles on their faces and the professionalism they conveyed was amazing. I actually invited them into my home! You have great people working for you. I was not in the position to commit to an ongoing donation, but a can donate one time which I was told I could do online. SickKids is amazing as they not only saved my sister but they also helped me in need at the age of 4 with 3rd degree burns all over my feet. I just wanted to let you know how great a job your organization is doing along with the people you have brought on board.

Sincerely, Alexis

Apr 2013

I just wanted to bring to your attention two super young women who came to my door a short time ago canvassing on your behalf. I was diagnosed last week with a herniated disc in my back – which explained the time it took me to hobble to my front door with my cane – and the ladies were so concerned for me and empathetic, I was stunned. They even asked if I was managing alright on my own, or if there was anything they could do for me. As a former SickKids patient myself – I saw more than one rheumatologist there about 35 years ago while trying to determine what was causing pain and swelling in my 11-year-old joints – I spent many days being tested for, and ultimately diagnosed with, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. While I can’t honestly say it was a pleasant experience, I was grateful for the resulting diagnosis that led to treatment. Unfortunately, my current financial circumstances make it difficult for me to commit to a long term donation but as soon as I am able, I will be signing on. I just wanted to commend you on the calibre of representatives you have working for you on your current campaign, and make sure you knew about the professionalism and compassion these two exhibited. I wish you every success.

Sincerely, Jennifer

Mar 2013

Good morning I wanted to take the time to say thank you for having such wonderful organization and for all the people within the organization. I recently had Barbara knock on my door as she was going around my neighbourhood to raise awareness of SickKids and their Foundation. Not only was she very pleasant and well informed to speak with but she was most definitely a caring and compassionate individual. She noticed that on my front door I have a sign stating that there is a Seizure Response Guide Dog on sight. I was quite pleased that she was eager to learn more of our use and experience with our wonderful Guide Dog but she also inquired about our need for having one and upon ending our conversation she wished me and my daughter who the dog is for all the best of luck. My family has had many ties to SickKids Hospital over a 50 year time frame, as my brother was a patient there many years ago, my cousins son and my sons best friend have also been involved with SickKids and more recently one of the ladies I work with is the mother of Kayla Baker who is involved as well with SickKids hospital. With my daughters medical we have dealt with other University hospitals such as McMaster and now London health sciences, so as you can see my family has a great appreciation for all that SickKids and all University hospitals and research do to help improve the many lives affected on a daily basis. We constantly help to spread the word and raise awareness of such wonderful facilities and all the great work they do. It was a great pleasure to see such a wonderful person at my door who feels the same way as we do about your organization. Sadly canvassers get a lot of abuse and negative from the public and get the cold shoulder so to speak because so many people are stuck in life only thinking of themselves and not realizing that if it were not for such facilities many things we take for granted on a daily basis would not exist in the world today such as insulin that treated my father’s diabetes for many years or the pabulum we feed our babies on a daily basis. It is sad that society has become so self centered but it was a wonderful delight that day to see someone who thinks beyond themselves and is out there trying to help the many people that SickKids and its Foundation help each and every day.



Feb 2013


I am writing today to share my experience with Cassie today. She approached my door around 6:30pm, in the freezing cold I might add, with a smile and a friendly demeanor. There was no lecture about your hospital and charity, but an easy going conversation about the wonderful hospital called SickKids. Having stayed there for several weeks as a child, I am well aware of the amazing-ness that comes from inside that building. (I am perfectly healthy now and have only good fun memories of my stay with you all). In fact, as I explained to Cassie, my mom still has the pink ceramic pig I made one night during craft time (I’m 34 now by the way :)). You see, you do provide great memories. Cassie was an absolute pleasure to speak with; she explained the program and was polite throughout our chat. She explained the different levels of donation and how it all works so we know exactly what you’re doing with our donations. I am happy to donate to SickKids any time I can. I’ve lost countless people in my life from cancer and I understand all too well the effects it has not only on the patients as well as their families and I’m honoured to donate the money because I simply know it is well used and most certainly deserved. I’ve recently lost my cousin to cancer and while she did not spend time at SickKids (she was 31), a friend of mine and her son unfortunately spent too much time there while her 2 year old son was fighting a brain tumor. If some of the money I give helps to give a Mom or Dad a chair to sleep in or a bed to lay on beside their children, well, I am humbled to do so. I wish you great success in raising funds to help these children and their families. Cassie exemplifies the kindness SickKids displays and you are lucky to have her as a representative.

Jan 2013

To whom it may concern,

I would like to take this time to let you know that yesterday two of your canvassers by the name of Chantel and Jeah came by my home to interest me in donating for their cause, SickKids Foundation. Even though I was unable to assist them at that time I wanted to let you know how that brief visit went. First off, I was very impressed with their mannerism and how very courteous they both were, very sweet young ladies. They were not too pushy very, very pleasant, professional and charming. My heart went out to them because it was so cold out, but they kept reassuring me that they were quite bundled up and not feeling the cold too much. I think their warm personalities had something to do with that! Since I was unable to take part in their program I feel the least I can do would be to let you know how lucky you are to have these very sweet, charming ladies canvassing for you. They sure do represent your cause in a very positive way. Please let them know what a great job they are doing, and what a pleasure it was meeting them both yesterday. Keep up the good work Chantel and Jeah!! All the very best to you both.

Cheers, Carole

Dec 2012

We had a visit earlier today from Steve on behalf of SickKids Foundation. What a refreshing experience to meet a fundraiser who really believes in his cause! I am very impressed by Steve's attitude and professionalism. He built a friendly relationship right from the first minute. Steve talked about the challenges faced by children and their families, without sensationalizing the issues. His honesty and candor won me over. It's tough going door-to-door, made especially dreadful by the chilling cold; but Steve didn't show it. What I saw was a warm smile and enthusiasm for SickKids Foundation. Steve I'm glad to have met you! Keep up the great work.

Regards, Imran.

Nov 2012

I recently joined the monthly giving program due to being solicited at home by Canvasser Steve. I wanted to pass along my compliments to Steve for his professionalism, courtesy and conduct. Steve’s humour and his ability to communicate the program without ‘pressuring’ me made for my decision to join the program. Steve’s conduct  and approach is by far, the best I have experienced. With the regular onslaught of home solicitations one receives from book clubs to energy companies, it tends to make me hesitant to even answer the door sometimes.

Again, my compliments to Steve.



Mar 2011

This is the first time I have gotten a chance to sit down all evening but answering my door this cold evening was a delight to my evening. I was greeted with a big smile and heart-warming humour by a girl who was out in freezing weather for SickKids hospital, Ashlee. She was very down to earth but very informative about the miracle club program. It was very easy to have a conversation with her which was refreshing to see from a canvassing program like this; although I had to decline joining the miracle club at this present time; she understood and thanked me for my contributions to sick kids through events I partake in constantly for SickKids with a smile. I even took a quick peek out my window after she left today to see her waving at all the neighbours and jogging between houses to keep warm. She is an outstanding canvasser for sick kids and I can see the genuine sick kids staff through this harsh but amazing door to door Program.


Dec 2010

Hi.... 1st I feel that the canvassing program is a good idea in that your able to reach people who, like myself, have many times thought about donating to the Sick Kids fund but are too busy to actually do anything about it. For me, having the canvasser come to my door has finally helped me to make the decision to make those donations which we all know is very much needed for the children and families who come to Sick Kids Hospital. I donate monthly to a few very necessary organizations and this is one that is necessary. Secondly, I also have to mention that the main reason I gave my canvasser time initially is because he was very identifiable, he had on the Sick Kids touque and Sick Kids identification and all the documentation. All of that was extremely important to me and I was very impressed by it. Obviously, Sick Kids and TNI Network Inc. really worked hard to make sure that we didn't have to second guess the canvasser. Good on you... fantastic!! I felt very assured that I was dealing with the real thing. I don't know if this is the right department to mention this since I'm talking about the canvasser, but the young guy who came to my door was very, very, polite; friendly; considerate and informative and very professional as well. I am referring to Mauricio. He did a good job for you and I felt pretty good in enrolling in the monthly program after listening to him. And finally needless to say at this point, I have enrolled in the $30.00 per month donation program and am looking forward to newsletters, etc to see how things are going.

Thank you and I wish you the best with this program.


Jun 2010

I wanted to drop you a line and mention that my wife and I were visited last Sunday by your representatives Ashlee and Natasha who were soliciting for contributors to your causes. Both young women were very professional and courteous and we signed up for a year. As far as I am concerned, going door-to-door and asking householders to do things that aren't in their immediate plans is a very hard job. And its success is all about the attitude of the people doing the asking. I cannot tell you how many times I have declined to buy, donate, or whatever, in a cold visit from a stranger. It wasn't about the cause necessarily; it was more about the people doing the asking. Many seemed to be doing it out of necessity rather than because they believed in what they were doing. I predict, if it is not already documented, that Ashlee and Natasha will be very successful in raising funds for the SickKids Foundation. Best of luck to them and our very best wishes to you.

Yours truly,


Jan 2009

To whom it may concern;I just wanted to advise you of how impressed and thankful I am after a recent visit from three of your representatives. Last night (January 8, 2009), Alexander, John and a trainee, attended my residence canvassing for support for the Sick Kids Foundation. Alexander and John conducted themselves very professionally and sincerely, advising me of their goals for being in the neighbourhood without the usual pressure and mistrust associated with door-to-door canvassers. I felt comfortable and interested to speak with Alaxander and John, who had their employee identifications clearly visible, and they even offered a confirmation phone number if I wished to further confirm their status. I advised your representatives that I am already an avid supporter of Sick Kids and not in a position at this time to commit to any more donations, and to my shock, my response was accepted without any pressure. In fact, a onetime cash donation was offered but refused with an explanation as to why they could not accept any cash. Honestly, I usually do not even open the door and speak with door-to-door reps, especially during my family time; however, yesterday was definitely a positive experience. I wanted to commend your organization for work that you are doing, as well as for the people, your front line representation which you employ, that is out canvassing. Your representatives are clearly motivated, professional, enthusiastic individuals who no doubt will excel in your organization. It was a pleasure meeting them, my family feels the same. Hats off to you.



Nov 2008

John, a new donor, contacted the Feedback line to compliment Rob on his congenial approach and his great explanation of SickKids Foundation. John went on to say that in 1970 his son was a patient of SickKids Hospital and thanks to SickKids he is now 38 years old and alive because of the care he received at SickKids Hospital. He was happy to sign up for monthly donations to SickKids Foundation and very impressed by Rob.

Mar 2008

Resident Email:

Hello...just wanted to pass along a compliment to the above mentioned canvasser. Tim was very pleasant, polite and persuasive (in a positive way)! He was passionate as well as knowledgeable about the cause, and he did a fantastic job in keeping me interested without being pushy. Just wanted to pass along my thoughts!


Sincerely, Jodi